Afghan Gems

This is the site for Lapis, Ruby, and other gems…very good
for emeralds. The Afghans discovered them when the Russians
bombed Afghanistan. The web site is http://www.gems-afghan. We will
be working with the Smithsonian. Gary lectures and does a
traveling gem show. He is in Afghanistan now buying and
exploring gems. I hopefully will go next year with the
expedition team and the scientists from the Smithsonian. If
anyone would like to set up a gem show and lecture/slide
presentations on the latest exploration techniques contact Gary has been going into Afghanistan for over
23 years and the lecture and lore is fascinating. There is a
movie script in progress. He found a ruby mine from an old
Marco Polo map. He has had quite an interesting and frustrating
trip this year dealing with the Taliban. Beverly
@Beverly_Ann_Bevingto PS I will be going off line August 20 when I
go on the road with him.