Aesthetics and Ethics

Lisa, Thank you for putting it so eloquintly.Lets here it for
eclecticism(is that a word?)If I create a sculpture out of my
socks and one person gets it or can view it in a manner that gets
their brain saying what is this person doing then in my opinion
that is art.'s far as jewelry goes work in that schmall scene and
some people get so much joy from buying black hills gold (which
they feel is high art )that Iam in awe.They collect it like
Renoirs.Who am I to educate them in the worlds view of the finer
things in life when they are quite happy at what they percieve
as beauty.There is quite a bit more to jewelry than
asthetics.There are deep emotional ties.I have seen people fret
and worry over a A$40 ring that was given to them by there mother
when they were twelve NO quality or workmanship involved.It is a
matter of perception.Iam moved by the open sky in Colorado where
I live.To some people that is enough to freak them out They want
trees over there head.Some people love Renoir,Iam one,But I dig
Warhols Marylyn too.Iam not too fond of stretched pepsi bottles
full of colored water or those little scary doll heads that are
Kleenex dispensers on the back of peoples toilets but if you
like it buy on. Happy Trails J. Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio