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Advice on quick change hand pieces


Hey Everyone, I was wondering what quick change hand piece you would


The Foredom 10D handpiece with duplex spring has been the most
reliable one I’ve ever used and is the one I will most often use.

arista designs


Great question.

There are several quick change hand pieces on the market. All
perform very well. They also come at different price points. I will
try to give pros an d cons on several.

Foredoom 20 Cost ($80-90)

[] Nice smooth running
[] Can be a little touchy to adjust properly
[] A little bulkier in the hand than some
[] Easy and fast to change burs
[] Price makes it a good choice

Would recommend

Foredoom #52 Cost ($105-120)

[] Easy to change burs
[] This hand piece gets fatter toward the end pushing
[] The fingers away from the bur giving less control.

Not my favorite

Would not recommend

Foredoom 10 or 10D ( $240-250)

[] Nice slim quick change.
[] Release lever is strong and not as convenient for
[] Removing burs but is quick and holds securely
[] Lever is out of the way of the hand and can not be pressed by
[] Nice and slim
[] Smooth running
[] Less hand fatigue

One of my favorites. (I have 3)
Higher cost range
Would recommend

Foredoom 18 ( $110-125)

[] Smooth running
[] Very easy and fast to change burs
[] Large lever easy to operate with your thumb
[] Lever can be pressed by accident allowing the bur to stop
spinning or slip

One of my favorites because of the quickness and ease in changing

I use this in my stone setting classes

Less hand fatigue

I have one and love it

This would be my first choice for a quick change handpiece

Would highly recommend

Technique Rotary hand piece ($175)

[] Very smooth running
[] Easy to change burs
[] 2 collet sizes 3/32" and 1/8"
[] A little wide but slims down at the tip
[] Can change burs while the motor is still slowing down(if adjusted

I have one and love it but this is at a higher price point

Would recommend

For the money and value I would select the Foredoom 18.

Hope this helps.

Phillip Scott GG
Technical Support
Rio Grande


Vincent, The one I like I don’t think you can get anymore. Ney made a
really nice lever action handpiece, but as far as I know it’s not
available. I wish somebody else would make it. Alternatively, I like
the Faro without a duplex spring


The Foredom Quickchange for around $89. It’s a great handpiece,
light, dexterous and just works all the time!

karen christians


I recommend the Foredom H.30. It’s what we use at the school, and
believe me, we have used and tried different models. It fits any size
bur, easy grip, and you can attach it to drill presses with ease.
It’s $65, a great value for the money.

Adriana Wiesner
Miami Jewelry School.


The Tecno handpiece is a favorite among bench jewelers. This design
includes the original red Tecno-X (no longer made), Blue Tecno (no
longer made), Optima, Technique, 180/00, Grobet Q40 (no longer sold
by Grobet), and Foredom 20, They are easy to use and perform well.
They can have the lever open before the motor stops running. They
however, are not good for high torque use (heavy handed use). The
Technique (Swiss made) is good quality and the Foredom 20 (China
made) is good price.

The Faro is also a favorite and includes the Faro (Faro with
duplex), Foredom 10 (10D), and Pfingst AC (ABD). Good quality and
smooth running. It was designed in Italy as a dental lab handpiece.
Not used in dental labs, but has been used by bench jewelers for many

The Foredon 52 (52D) can have the collet adjusted to grip the bur
shank really really tight so it won’t slip for you heavy handed

The Foredom 18 (18D) is a good choice if you like the lever feature.
Just remember, it is the only handpiece that the collet is not

Wonder what has repair issues? The duplex spring related repairs top
the list. The Foredom 18 bearings are retained with Loctite and the
front bearing wears out quickly. The replacement cost of the special
Faro bearings is excessive. Some Grobet replacement parts are not
always available. We also see a lot of repairs because the lever was
used before the motor stops on the handpieces that were not designed
for that (Faro and Foredom 18). Hope this helps.

The Jeweler Equipmen Dr.


I agree completely with Kevin Moyle. You can still get the Ney
handpiece in a pneumatic version, but with a hefty price. The Faro
has an adjustable collet that is sometimes misdiagnosed as a worn out
collet. I also like my pneumatic Athena Lil’ Champion. It was
designed for dental lab technicians. High torque, compact size. The
no longer popular two port version is cheap secondhand.