Advice on moving stock to a new country

Dear All,

I am in need of some advice/help for my up coming move. I need some
info on how any of you pack and move safely all your stones, beads,
and especially metals. After saving and stocking up various metals
in all forms, sheet, wire, casting beads etc. I now don’t know how to
move them without getting them ‘removed’ by the packers or taxed to
death by customs fees. Read up to 100% duty!



I did 8 international moves with all this stuff, too. I always took
the sheet and wire as my carryon but my stones were mostly cabs, so
I hid all the rest of the beads and things in several “packed by
owner” boxes labeled “sheets/linens…closet” and packed stones and
other items inside pillow cases but left in sets so that the box
appeared to be what it said. I also packed a lot in between my
fabric “fabric/cloth…sewing room” always putting plenty of the
real thing on top. Packers never seemed interested in these boxes,
nothing was stolen.

Donna in VA

Bury them in clothing for the “movers” but be VERY careful about
trying to get through customs, if they find them, you could loose
them, sit in jail then be thrown out of the country, especially if
you are applying for residence.