Advice on buying a flexshaft

I am planning to buy a flexshaft in the next week. I have been
using a Dremmel Moto Tool for the last 5 years and decided that
it is finally time to upgrade.

I am looking for advice on what type of handpiece to get. I
think that two things are really important to me - comfortable to
hold and work with and durable and long lasting.

Any advice/suggestions ?

Milt Fischbein

Hi Milt,

A lot depends on the type of work you’ll be doing & the number
of times you’ll need to change the tool (bit) you’re using. I’d
suggest you really need 2 hand pieces, a Foredom # 30 & a quick
change hand piece. The # 30 is about 1" in diameter & uses a
Jacob’s chuck that accepts tool bits with shanks up to 5/32"
diameter. It’s draw back is that the time need to change the bits
can add up if you need to change frequently. An advantage is that
there are many accessory tools made that attach to the # 30. It’s
a well made solid tool.

The quick change hand pieces only take tool bits with 3/32"
shanks. The bits are release by twisting or pressing a lever
(depends on hand piece type). On some models the bit can be
released without the tool coming to a complete stop.

One other item I’d recommend for both hand pieces is a ‘duplex
spring’. The ‘duplex spring’ is a very flexible connection that
goes between the hand piece & the relatively stiff flexshaft that
comes from the motor. It makes controlling the hand piece lots

I currently use both a Foredom #30 & # 18 quick change. If I had
it to do over, I’d bypass the # 18 & get a better quality quick
change. I don’t know which quick change I’d get, I haven’t
investigated them thoroughly yet. My complaint with the # 18 is
it gets noisy sometimes, there seems to be a vibration in the
mechanism that opens/closes the collet.


Milt: You will find the Fordom the most often used. If you
should however, find yourself attracted to the Farrow handpiece
w/the duplex spring watch out! I purchased one recently and
found thier engeneering leaves something to be desired. Stick to
Fordom and you should be happy. Be warned though, they are not
cheap. You’ll want the motor & flex shaft unit along with a
metal(not plastic) housing and electronic(not carbon pile) foot
pedal and the quick change handpiece w/duplex spring attachment.
Inital cost aside, there’s no other tool you will use more!

Best of luck;


Hello Milt,

What i have been using since 1988 (not many people buy these
because they are expensive initially) is the guesswein Power Hand
II… this is an electronically controlled DC handpiece… very
small, lightweight… NO FLEXIBLE SHAFT… i have 2 handpieces
attached to 1 control box. the 1st handpiece runs at 55,000 rpm
and my second runs at 35,000 rpm the speed is controlable through
the control box… there is no need to use a footpedal although
one is available. A single handpiece and controller is about
$850. if you can only afford 1 handpiece, get the 35,000 rpm
model…the heads are removable and interchangeable, so you
might want tobuy a second head and use the same motor. the reason
for the second head is so that you can run 2 different collets (1
in each head)and this way you don’t need to remove and change the
collets which is a little time consuming. The main advantage to
these machines is longevity, power, speed and above all ,
accuracy and no movement caused by flexible shaft. These
handpieces are extremely light weight and are easily rebuildable
when and if you have a problem. My handpieces are 10 years old
and are ready for their 1st rebuild… rebuild parts are about
$20. for another 10 years or, Guesswein will repair them for you
for a fee. I use these hand piece for hours evry day and so do 2
jewelers that bought them after trying mine. Also, i have not
touched my flexshaft in 10 years!!! If you’d like to ask me any
questions about them, please call. i hope this helps. Dan Grandi Tel: 401-461-7803