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Advice on building a clip to hold my torch head

Also would love directions for building a clip to hold my torch head. I solder on a stainless steel table. Also again just got talkedinto buying a cheap polishing lathe. I was told it was a $200 Foredom. When i opened it at home it was a TM2 Chinese lathe that sells for between $37 & $80. Do you know anything about the functionality of that model. Thanks again for sharing putting together a atudio with tremendous creativity instead of tremendous financial resources. Inspirational.

Take the broken belt to your local hardware store and replace it with a neoprene or polyurethane O-ring of the same size.
Also buy a couple of spares.

I use a broom holder clip similar to this one, which is screwed on to the side rail of my bench. (I do not tend to leave my torch lit while clipped…)

here are a few different versions of broom holder clips:


Here’s the one we made:

Custom Torch Holder

A broom clip and a piece of steel make a great torch holder.

We clamped in the vice a strip of steel and bent and twisted it so it would mount on the front of my bench, and line up with the opening for my exhaust hood. A simple off the shelf steel broom clip holds the torch, even when lit, quite securely…

The steel is 1" wide X 1/8" thick & it’s however long you need to make it reach where you need it to.

Clamped in a sturdy vise, it wasn’t too hard to bend cold, and the clip is fastened on with a little machine screw and a nut. Just make sure the broom clip is spring steel , NOT plastic .

One nice feature is that I can put my lit torch down in it.
I have a piece of slate behind my soldering area so the flame hits the slate not anything flammable.

It’s worked well for a couple of years now.
Thanks for asking,

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I just use a piece of bent heavy duty coat hanger wire screwed to the edge of my bench. The torch hangs by the tip, not the handle. You can see this in the attached picture.

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Found a little better picture…Rob

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Ive saved this image