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Advice on a commission work

I totally agree with your advice.
Well done, sir!

Congrats on the sale. Educating a client as to the value that you bring to the table is smart and a great sales tool.
But I can’t shake a queasy feeling that I have in how you described the interaction. Fishing is awesome, but as a client, I would not want to be described in that way.
Just my two cents.
Take care,

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I totally agree with everyone who says this should be fabricated. That’s one reason the original is beautiful.

I would love to see your finished piece. What are you using in lieu of the emeralds?

Andy, sorry for the queasy feeling. It was an attempt to lend a descriptive image to the zen-like patience which will sometimes make the difference between hustling and possibly alienating your client, and giving him/her all the time and information necessary for them to acquire more confidence in you over the competition.
Perhaps gardening would be a more favorable analogy?
At no time was there any intention on my part to “lure” the client. But it was my conscious intention to include “value added” to every email exchange. Some little tidbit for him to add to the discussion when he went back to the competing craftsman.
When it got to the point where both of us had come to similar cost estimates, I moved the discussion from price to asking him to consider a choice of which person he’d prefer to work with.
When he accepted my offer, it came with this quote:

“Thank you for the info regarding the guarantee as well as possible routes to further protect this investment through insurance.
I greatly appreciate your candor, expertise, and guidance in this process. I have made a decision, and I would be thrilled if you would make the ring!”

True, He absolutely wasn’t flapping around the deck, dying… What can I say? Fishing seemed to fit at the moment…