Advertising Postcards

I have a need to have postcards made up of one of my designs. I
have the digital photo of what I want one side of the postcard. I
don’t need a photographer.

Can anyone give me some leads to a company that is fast, reliable,
and economical to print the postcard. I looked in the archives and
did not find anything. I am in the Mid Atlantic Region.



With an average inkjet printer (2400x2400 dpi), some cardstock, an
average graphics software package (MS Publisher, Printshop, American
Greetings Create-a-card, etc.), and an ink cartridge or two you can
print your own. Unless of course you need a large quantity (100+). I
print all my business cards and greeting cards myself and they are
well received.

Rick Copeland – Silversmith
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Most recommended service:

  1. Modern Postcards
    Tel: 800-959-8365



Yeah, me too Rick - laminate 'em before you cut 'em up and they last
forever - you can also use that sort of setup to knock up targeted
presentations for say, a gallery you want to approach, or a
particular section of the market, without breaking the bank.


Al Heywood

So far, I have been very pleased with Modern Postcard
(, 800-959-8365). They did raise their
minimums for the 500 card orders, from $95 to $125. But, they now
offer a 7 day turnaround time which I love (being a bit of a

When Modern Postcard’s prices went up, I tried Printserv Desktop and
Press (, 713-942-8700). Their prices were better,
500 for $90, but I wasn’t as happy with the clarity of the picture or
the colors. To their credit, when I told them about the colors
looking faded, they reprinted the cards at no cost to me and the
colors were better. They also put their and phone number
on the card without letting me know (it wasn’t anywhere on their
website or order form) which bugged me.

Recently a friend tried printing cards at a local printer. The
images were clear, but the quality of the paper used and the
lamination technique were really crummy. Always get a sample pack to
see what a company’s postcards look like. Lori Bugaj
One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Design

Forgive me for jumping in here without having read the entire
thread, so it’s entirely possible that someone has already mention

They offer full color postcards at 250 for $59.50, 500 are $80.75.
They offer three sizes, and I can vouch for what a wonderful job
they do. They did my color business cards and the quality is so
amazing that people gasp when I hand them my card (and so
automatically think more highly of my work as well).

You can do it entirely online, and they have one, two, three, five
and 10 day turnaround.

I was concerned when I first ordered my business cards from them
(500 for $50) because you don’t get to choose the paper, but I was
very pleased with the paper the cards came on.

Linda Castellani

Alameda, California

Aloha Orchid List Members, One place to order business cards,
advertising for gem show colored mailing cards can be obtained at There business cards are free for 250 for only
$4.99 if you allow them to leave their name on the reverse side of
the business card. If any person decides to select another slogan,
appointment card template, calendar, or just Thank You, then there
is an additional price for these cards.

Once you enter Vista Print’s site, enter your personal or business
data, their site allows you to preview what each card template looks
like with your on it.

They have set it up so that every step of the check the buy must
check a review book, and before buying type in his or her initials.
Since many trade shows vendors send cards to their customers, Vista
Prints can also assist professionals in this manner. The only way
to see for your self is to use this hyper link or type in: They are credible, ship quickly, and using
their site is easy. Should you not be able to preview a new
business card template, simple hit the back button on your browser,
reload/refresh, then go forward, and your edited data will appear.
There is absolutely no additional charge until you are satisfied and
log out from their secure payment page. Good luck.

Happy Prosperous New Year to all. BJ
Hawaiian Quizine Collectibles, Ent.

Hi All, I have been using one source for my postcards for the past 17
years and have always been happy with the results, as well as the
prices. The company is Joy of Printing at 800.966.4569, Their minimum is something like 2000, and a
4x6 color postcard (that is color on both sides) costs $360. for 4000
cards, and there are no additional fees for proofs, etc. The more you
have printed the cheaper (per card) it gets. The color is great and
the stock is heavy, and Joy (the owner) is a pleasure to do business
with. Give her a try!


I know the original thread was for postcards, but it seems to have
evolved into business cards. So I just wanted to recommend the
Great American Printing Company. They do full color
cards with a colored photograph of any picture you want. Usually
from a slide. They’re only $59 for a 1000 cards. You can have them
any way you want. Mine are solid black with white lettering and my
dragonfly pin free flying on it. I love my cards! If you use them
tell them I sent you. :slight_smile:

God Bless you