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[Advert] Tucson 1998 Show

09 January 1998

TUCSON February 5 - February 12, 1998 TUCSON LOWE
ASSOCIATES - Robert P. Lowe Jr. would like to invite you to
visit us in Booth # 205 at the GJX - Gem and Jewelry Exchange
Pavilion, in front of the Tucson Convention Center - Downtown,
Tucson. We will have TOURMALINES - in Greens, Pinks, Indicolite,

Salmon, Yellow, Silver, Oranges, Bi-color, Tri-color, - sliced,
faceted, cabuchons, Specimens and Rough. Also TOURMALINES in
WATERMELON slices, singles and in matched pairs and sets of
three and in cabuchoned slices. - NEW - NEW - NEW -
TOURMALINE DRUZY - various colors and bi-color plus very
rare Purple Topaz Specimens, and all of the other
Brazilian Colored Stones. including BLUE BERYL Let us know
in advance of your special needs.

    Lowe  Associates  -  Robert P. Lowe Jr.
    Rua do Mirante, 573
    13800-000 Mogi Mirim, SP, Brasil
    Telephone: 55-19-862-4217
    Telefax:         55-19-860-4354    
     e-mail: @Robert_P_Lowe_Jr