[Advert] Spring cleaning

Please contact the author off list!

I’ve been doing a little early spring cleaning in my studio and
came up with the following items I’d like to get rid of. If
anyone is interested please contact me off list. I’ll pay the

  1. 4 pounds carbon steel shot 5/32" ellipses (two 2 lb
    containers, never opened - Rio Grande #339-022) $20.00

  2. Strip ingot mold (never used - Rio Grande #704-109) $10.00

  3. Stepped aluminum ring mandrel with stand (never used - Rio
    Grande #700-300) $20.00


  1. Approximately 1.15 kilos .75mm (20 gauge) round titanium
    wire with an etched surface (alloy unknown). $50.00. Would be
    happy to send a sample.

  2. Abstracta chrome display components - used once about a year
    ago. $950.00

  3. Pennyweight scale slightly used (similar to Rio Grande
    #116-053). Does not have a gram scale. $8.00

  4. 8 ounce bottle of Opticon (never opened). Free for the cost
    of postage.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA