[Advert] SilverWorksV Updated

SilverWorksV is scheduled for Saturday August 23rd, 2003, at my new
live/work loft in Providence. A brunch and full dinner will be
included at this event.

Go heRe: Society of American Silversmiths - SilverWorks V for more
details on…

* Munya Avigail Upin: Woven Metal Techniques
* Sam Hough: Gorham Flatware of the Nineteenth Century
* Jeff Herman: Answering Questions on Silver Restoration
* William Hicks: Photographing Reflective Objects Inexpensively
* Laurie Ackerman: Silver Appraiser for Informal and Detailed Appraisals
* 6:45pm: Dinner & Presentation of the Forth Hans Christensen Sterling 
Silversmith Award

Jeffrey Herman, Founder & Executive Director Society of American
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401/461-6841 E-mail: sas@silversmithing.com
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