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[advert] Rare stone TAAFFITE from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

To All List members

I have a 3.11 carat TAAFFITE for sale. The stone is certified by the
Sri Lanka State Gem Corporation. The colour is light purple. The
properties are as follows.

Origin= Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Weight of the Stone 3.11 carat Length= 8.70 mm Breadth= 8.10 mm
hight= 5.10 mm

Colour= Very light purple , Transparent, Type of cut= mixed, shape=
rectangular with round edges.

RI= 1.718-1.722 (Dr-0.004) , Polariscope test= double refractive

Microscope examination= Clean

Flourescence Loang Wave U.V= Inert, Shaort Wave U.V= Inert

Pleochroism= Weak

Cost of the stone with Fed-Ex delivery= US$ 2,500 for the whole stone.

Will be sent on advance payment. If interested please email directly
to me

Thank You
Mervyn Perera