[Advert] Production houses

Hi all, I run a company that produces custom work and designs for
the trade and private clients, recently we have begun a venture into
wholesale and after our production runs on the pieces found them to
be too expensive for a wholesale price. We are looking for any
testimonials on production houses willing to finish small production
runs (silver). We believe this will grow to a large order and we are
also prototyping a range specifically designed in 18 karat. Ideally
we would want casting, finishing stonesetting with brooches soldered
with joint pin and catch, most pieces have need of oxidization in
the recesses. I look forward to hearing from you. Cordially, Ed Dawson

Hi Ed, We at Racecar Jewelry Co. are exactly that… we do production
for designers. we have a fairly large capability as we have in house
mold making, polishing / soldering , antiqueing,sandblasting/ bead
blasting, casting in a gold, silver, bronze and pewter.Some stone
setting is also done in house if the settings are designed for ease
of production.Hot fired enamel in colors is something we have
recently added to our capabilities . We also produce police/military
/firedept badges that are stamped and have the capacity for stamping
large runs in jewelers bronze/ brass and other metals Please contact
us off list if you are interested in working with us or email your
phone and we will give you a call. Sincerely, Daniel Grandi

sales@racecarjewelry.com    tel: 401-461-7803