[Advert] Opening an online gemstone mall

Hi Orchidians,

I am opening a online gemstone mall that will be featuring only
beads, pearls gemstones rough and and cut from around the world.
There are many gemstone sellers that cannot afford a website (cost of
design of website, monthly fees) can cost several hundred dollars for
start up and then hoping that you might be found on the SE’s. If you
already have a store we can synchronize it for you. you update your
web site like what you do now and we will add and delete as and when
you update your Web site.

The mall is on the same basis as Etsy but costs much less. The
storefront is free, NO setup cost, (in the beginning). NO Monthly
rent, NO listing fees, Only a commission of 5% if you sell. If anyone
in the group is interested please contact me by email and I will get
you the complete break down of the benefits.

My goal is to provide a professional and elegant place where both
buyers and sellers benefit. I will not be allowing anyone that does
not deal with gemstones into the sellers section its strictly for the
Trade. I hope I have not violating any rules and doing this but I
wanted to let you know what I will be offering. I will have my own
store there selling just like everyone else.

Ahmed Shareek