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[Advert] News from GRS Tools

Hi everyone,

I haven’t posted in several weeks so I thought I would drop a
quick line to see how everyone is doing. Great news - GRS Tools
(GraverMax, Meister, BenchMate, stone setting equipment) won the
Kansas Exporter of the Year award last night! The Kansas Governor
will be visiting our plant and awarding each employee a medal. We are
all very excited.

Also, our new catalog is finally out now. I was wondering if I
may get some input from all of you about what you think about it. We
are still in the process of sending many of the new catalogs out. If
you haven’t rec’d yours yet, don’t worry, it should be there soon.
And, if you would like us to send you one, please e-mail us with your
name, address and phone number. (I only have to ask for the phone
number because our computer system won’t accept your name & address
without it.) (our e-mail is @glendo)Anyway, it hope
everyone has a great day and enjoys our beautiful weather. Talk to
everyone soon.

Jonathan Didde
GRS Tools