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[Advert] New Pietersite & Rain Forest Jasper Cabochon Gallery


I recently acquired some wonderful Pietersite & Rain Forest
Jasper & Madagascar spectrolite rough.

Some of my most recent efforts in cutting cabochons are for
sale and can be seen at:

There are several other new cabochon galleries as well and
recent jewelry from my bench…using stones I cut of course…
take the hyper link to home and follow the hyper links to visit
the galleries.

As for the discussion about scanning, all of my images are
direct scanned and I have found that the right back ground cloth
makes a huge difference in quality of the image… I mostly use a
medium blue cotton back ground, it absorbs enough of the light to
allow lots of details and good colour balance.

I use Paint Shop Pro 5.0 and highly recommend it…

The scanning tips found at :

Are awesomely helpful…someone on Orchid suggested it
originally (thank you ).

Remember that the web displays all graphics at 72 dpi (75 for
macs) and offering to send high res scans to interested parties
as an attachment to email allows them to see in much greater
detail the pieces (dependant on their monitor resolution of
course) attracting their attention.

We are truly blessed to be in on the ground floor of the web, it
is going to take some more time to get the momentum flowing but
when the 100th monkey gets on …watch out!!!

Thanks to everyone for such high quality intercourse :>)

All the best,