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[Advert] Molds for sale

6000 wax injection mold library for sale: There are over 4000 ring
molds, 1000 pendants molds and over 1000 charm molds in this
collection. view images at This is
the library and backbone of a large Jewelry manufacturer and
wholesaler in Australia that is now moving into diamond sales and
retail. All these molds are for sale on a first come first served
basis. They are being sold as a job lot and can not be broken into
smaller lots. These are professionally produced standard (Kerr)
vulcanized molds made by extremely skilled craftsmen and are all in
perfect working condition. Samples of the waxes produced by these
molds can be sent to potential clients (serious requests only
please). The master patterns are also available, the price of these
would be extra and negotiable. The travel and accommodation costs to
Perth Australia would be deducted from the final selling price.
Travel form the USA is about US$1500 and another US$500 for
accommodation and short holiday expenses (go on, enjoy your visit).

The Final Price for this collection is US $60,000. That is $10
dollars per mold with a thousand waxes thrown in free.This price
would include the all important catalog board (see image) and trays.
A client need only point and order. This is a perfect starting for
someone wanting to enter the jewelry business or expand their
operations.Aproximate shipping weight is 800 kilos.

Interested? then contact Brendan by email or
telephone +61 8 93891752 Fax +61 8 93896804 during working hours.
West Australian hours are 12 hours exactly ahead of U.S.A. EST (your
9 P.M. is our 9 A.M a good time to phone). We can help you and advise
you on all shipping enquiries.

Brendan Tibbs
P.O Box 108,
W.A. 6909