[Advert] Medium Dark Amethyst available

Hello everyone:

I have available some fine well cut and polished natural Brazilian

1 parcel contains approximately 700cts, 10 X 8mm emerald cut (about
3.25cts ea.) 1 parcel contains approximately 89 cts of 10 X 8mm oval and a
few 14 X 8mm oval cut stones

I am selling the above parcels at $5.00/ct or if you want only a few
stones (two or more) at $6.00/ct. If you compare these prices with the $1
and $2.00 pea size aquarium gravel rough that is being offered on this
forum it is a steal. $1.00/ct for rough ends up being $5.00/ct cut if you
consider 80% loss in cutting then add your labor charges (If you think
your time and skill are worth something) and now you understand what a
good buy this is. For you faceters these pieces are great as, is but if
you want to use them as preforms you will lose little weight in recutting.

If you are interested e-mail me at @Ed_Katz and I will send your
order of two or more stones out C.O.D. with five day return privileges.
Thanks Ed Katz, G.G.