[Advert] Mawsitsit

Greetings all;

For those of you interested, I would like to advertise the fact that
I can supply fine Burmese Mawsitsit. Rough or Cut Prices are between
3-9 U$/ct for cut stones and 300-500 US$/Kg for rough

(the color looks, on my screen at least, exactly like the real thing)

Mawsitsit has become more affordable than in recent years.


I have never see a Mawsitsit what is it’s chemical composition and is
there an other lame mans term for this stone or simple way of
explaining it.

Hello Hanuman!

Noticed your offering of Mawsitsit. The material is quite intriguing.
As I recall it has similarities to jade. I saw an article several
months ago about it.

I would be quite interested in your material. Firstly I would like to
work with you on a small finished piece or two. I would like to see
the quality and character of the material. Second, I would like to
see some rough. I have a friend who is quite good at carving;
freeforms, fantasies and such. The material from the outset appears
to lend itself to creative pieces as well as traditional cuts and
shapes. Quote me some dimensions and prices. Asymmetrical pieces
would be of most interest to me. Let’s get started!

Tim Dooley