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[Advert] Hematite chevie

Hello All,

After lurking for a few months I’ve decided to make our identity
known to the membership at Orchid. We at New World are a virtual
gemstone supermarket. We have a number of items in stock that have
been recently requested by the group including post and pre-WWII
intaglios and cameos in sardonyx, tigers’eye, etc. We also have a
broad group of Boulder Opal Doublets and solid opals which we cut
along with one-of-a-kind Mosaics and Intarsias. We also represent
American Lapidary Guild and AGTA Award Winning Cutters. We even have
some Marcascite. We carry a broad mix of cabochons and faceted stones
from Alexandrite to Zircon. We will be happy to help the group with
any loose gemstone requests (small or large). Even though we may not
be the cheapest source on the planet we do have an extensive inventory
that covers a broad range of materials. We will do our very best to
service our friends at Orchid. You can see a few hundred items posted
for Auction at Yahoo! along with our Auction and our zShop at We are “newworldgems” at both sites. If you have any
problems finding us we’ll be glad to supply you with bookmarks