[Advert] Gemstones Mail Order

Hi Gang,

Well nice to write to you folks again , I have been very busy
the last few days with the cutting orders which have been
pouring in and Well I have stream lined it taken things under

In our mail order business too I have revolutionized the
process, NOW when I get an order via E-Mail Or fax ( mostly in
the Morning due to 12 hour time difference ) we select through
our stocks of PREFORMED stones. Our expert cutters then cut them
in several hours according to the shape and cuts request and your
order will be ready for shipping by evening the same day.

ADVANTAGE - When you buy a stone you can specify the shape and
cut ( brilliant , flower , step , cross etc ). so if you want a
let`s say a peridot 5 x 3 x 2mm tapered baguette … or a
crumbled paper cut … we can do.

And also since we are located in Sri lanka we buy direct from
the mines. we clearly mark all stones we heat treat (Done
in-house) so we are sure of what we sell. ADVANTAGE - Lowest
prices in the mail order Trade , and you are sure of what you are

For a printed catalog of what we sell , Please E-mail us your
Postal address and we will send you a copy of our 99 catalog HOT
of the press.

Or if you need anything NOW , You can e-mail
Shareek@jewelrycombine.com or visit http://www.ahmeds.com/shop/
Hoping you will make us your #1 supplier.

Ahmed shareek