[Advert] Gemstone Identification Seminar

Mountain Gems is pleased to present a special opportunity to those in
our hobby – a full one-day seminar on the properties and values of
See below for the proposed agenda…

Dave Barclay, an accredited gemmologist, has given this course in
Alberta and in the Interior of British Columbia, but this is the first
time he has been able to give it on the Coast.

This course provides us with an excellent opportunity to refresh,
upgrade or learn the necessary background needed by all of us who work
with coloured

Walter Schumann’s book, Gemstones of the World, has been the text for
many gemmology courses and will be the reference used for this
presentation. Copies of the updated edition will be available at a
special price to participants. As well, we will have some quality
triplet loupes on hand. Cash, your personal cheque, MasterCard or VISA
can be used for payment of these items at the seminar.

Mark:     Saturday, April 8th

on your calendar and plan to

Join us in The Capitol Hill Community Hall, 361 South Howard
Street, Burnaby, BC (at the 5400 block of Hastings Street)

The seventy-five dollar fee [Canadian] ($75.00 + 5.25 GST) includes
eight hours of instruction and a catered lunch. Free coffee will be
available throughout the day and a refrigerator is available if you
would like to bring your own cold beverage.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in
attending. As usual, payment will guarantee your spot. Call us at (604)
298-5993 or toll-free at 1-888-593-1888 Tuesday to Sunday or fax us at