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[Advert] Enhydro quartz points good for pendants

Greetings from Central Namibia;

While well known in European circles the Namibian quartz crystal
location at Brandberg is less well known in the states. Having been a
dealer for nearly 20 years I can say with some certainty that the best
Brandberg enhydro pieces are without rival. Not only are the water
bubbles common, they are frequently enormous, I have sold 15cm,
intensely colored smokey and amethyst points with 6mm diameter bubbles
with 25mm of travel! We have abundant single points with water
bubbles, many are pale amethyst and or smokey with multiple bubbles,
great crystal sizes for pendants. In addition to the water bubbles
many have beautiful flakes of red lepidocrocite ( hydrous iron oxide).
If anyone is interested please feel free to contact us off list,
they’re good, they’re guaranteed and they aren’t real pricey.

Christopher L. Johnston B.Sc. Geology. Idaho Gem & Mineral Dealer-
Mining Geologist-Master Blaster PO Box 354 Omaruru-Republic of