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[ADV] Burmese Mawsitsit available

Dear Orchid Readers,

For those of you interested, I would like to advertise the fact
that I have large quantities of fine cut Burmese Mawsitsit

Most of the stones are faceted-top, flat-bottomed, often in
matched pairs or sets. The shapes range from normal ovals,
cushions, and triangles, to fancy shapes. Normal cabochons are
being produced as well, on a constant basis, although stock of
calibrated goods is kept to a minimum until orders are received.
Having been to Burma twice in the last month, I now have plenty
of rough in reserve to produce any calibrated size needed. 5
carat stones in ovals, rounds, and cushions seem to be the most
in demand. Even small orders are no problem - I’d like to see
more people know about, and appreciate, this rather unusual

The prices for wholesale orders (over 50 cts.) are as follows.
Fine quality stones are $4/ct. Second and Third Quality is also
(unfortunately) available, at prices of $3 and $2/ct
respectively. Second quality is a little too light, a little too
dark, or contains some unattractive white albite veins. Third
quality tends to be limited to stones that have too little
albite, and thus appear dark green, with only a hint of the
lighter, brighter green that is prized from this material.

Hemi Englisher, of Gemcal Spinel fame, has been kind enough to
take a photo of a fine quality faceted-top octagon. Dr. Aspler
retouched it a bit, and placed in the front page of my site last
evening. Feel free to take a look at it. It’s a good photo -
the color looks, on my screen at least, exactly like the real

Rough is available for those involved in inlay work. Mawsitsit
makes a nice substitute for Malachite, and now as more rough
seems to be slowly coming out, Mawsitsit has become more
affordable than in recent years.

Thank you, Scott.

Scott Davies
E-Mail @Scott_Davies1

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