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Adrian Ashley - Jewelry Gallery

I have been involved in the jewellery industry for the last sixteen years. I have been very fortunate in that I have benefited from both a traditional Goldsmiths training and an Art School education in jewellery design. (this was in the long ago days when education in the UK was free of charge) I now run my own shop in the historic town of Arundel in the south of England. I also carve wax models and make silver or pewter master patterns for other Jewellers.

White gold and pearl ring (Award winning entry in the Tahitian Pearl Trophy UK)


Gold and silver scarab with blue & white diamonds (Award winning entry in the Goldsmiths design awards UK)

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Wedding Rings

Gingko leaf wedding rings in coloured gold and platinum with diamonds


Silver & gold bear


Carved pewter master pattern (commissioned by another jeweler)