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[Admin] Virus Alert Please See Text


Some of you might have suffered a virus email attack via Email. Please
allow me to explain. Orchid is handled by a Unix server, thus we
are virus free as there are no known viruses for unix. As Mr. Don
Rogers Explains:

"The Virus wasn’t from the Orchid per se, but a response from a user.
I received the attachments from two different users but on different

Their Emails are 	"Anne Landgraf" <> 	and
"Michael Harth" <> 

The Virus is a back door virus which allows remote access to your
system. A bad thing for jewelers.

The Virus name isW32/Badtras@MM

Please allow my post on how to detect is as a service to your members.
Thank you Don "

I urge you all out there to get a good antivirus program and to
update the data file on a weekly basis.

Dr. E. Hanuman Aspler
		[ G a n o k s i n . C o m ]