[Admin] A Personal Note


19 days left for the Annual orchid dinner. It is an exciting event
for me which I am looking forward to. I like Tucson. I love the big
open skies, the fresh air, the spicy food, the wonderful gem show
and the amazing Orchid dinner.

For those of you who are new to Orchid, The Tucson Orchid dinner
started 8 years ago, when Dave Arens of Tucson suggested the “Orchid
Tucson Trekkers” to meet each other in Tucson. Here is a nostalgia
link to Dave’s idea which is fun to read back.


From less than 20 people who attended the first Orchid dinner in
1997, the event grew to accommodate over 250 Orchidians last year.
You must imagine how much work is involved in putting such a dinner
together . Sam Patania and Pat Kulla worked hard to make this
wonderful get together a friends making magic. Thank you guys!

This is our opportunity to meet each other and make friends; this is
our opportunity to put an Orchid on our bench, to connect and to

I will be there and I hope you will be there too. Please find couple
of hours during the show rush, to attend the dinner, to have a
relaxed evening and to make new friends.

If you are planning and still did not register to the dinner, Please
do it today at:


Thank you.

See you in Tucson in less than 19 days
Put an orchid on Your Bench