Adhesives -- Fused glass to sterling

Howdy Lynn,

There are perhaps 3-4 adhesives that could work for this but my

first choice would silicone. Like the type holding aquariums
together. Check with most any hardware store.

Carl 1 Lucky Texan (in just as rainy Arlington)

Dear Lynn: I too work in dichroic glass starting on 7 years. I use
either use E600 (after roughing up the surface for a better bond) or
a 5 min Epoxy tht I buy at Home Depot. The tubes are together 'n
you push out equal amounts to mix 'n apply. With the E6000 I roll
on the glue w/ a toothpick. I keep a small bowl of water nearby so
that I can push the glue w/ a moist finger where I want it in some
cases. I let it set for 24 hours. That’s the key. It’ll bond
before that time but if it’s jarred or messed w/ it can come apart.
Alway use fresh glue as in time it may start to ball up 'n you need
to toss it. It’ll last a long time if you replace the lid as soon
as possible.

Regards from one fuser to another…

    Second, can anyone recommend a good adhesive with which to
bond fused dichroic glass to sterling silver? 

Yes. Use a two component glue (in Europe I would recommend “Araldit”
but I don’t know if it available in yur part of teh world. And yes,
let the metal surface where you want to glue be rough or roughened
and see to it that it absolutely clean - no fingerprints etc. Happy

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Rutsker, Denmark
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