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Adhesive stop off

Dear All, I need some suggestions. Here is my dilemma. I make small
CAD created components. These individual components are many times
secured onto a master model. I glue them on. A silicone mold is then
poured, wax injected and casting made. I am very happy with the
detail and results. Not only is it simple but the process costs me
maybe twenty bucks tops. My CAD parts really do get made. The CAM
parts is where I spend my time.

Here’s the question. When gluing the parts together the seams have
extra epoxy creeping through. I hand fit the parts so there are some
small gaps. What I have to do is to go in and clean up the areas
between the CAD components. This is done with gravers, and perhaps
some small burs. Does anyone know a stop off I could paint the seam
with? The glue would dry under and in the seam but not above into the
design. That makes sense doesn’t it? I could in essence pull the dry
epoxy from the design leaving a secured component.

Any thoughts?

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson