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Adhesive Help - Enamel Repair

I would like to thank all my Orchid friends for the given
regarding my enamel repair project.

I feel the slow cure 330 epoxy is the answer for this situation.
Probably cleanliness was my problem. I didn’t realize how critical
oils from my hand could be. I had cleaned the setting and enamel with
acetone but probably then did touch the enamel. I will also roughen
the smooth back of the enamel.

I also was informed that the 50/50 epoxy mix is a critical step as
well. I will be very careful to weigh, not eyeball the ratios.

The suggestions of a silicone type or rubbery waterproof adhesive is
helpful but those adhesives are SO good that I don’t have any way to
remove the enamel in the future. The piece is set in a ring that will
be worn every day and will surely come to some future harm.

A history of the piece: It is the wedding ring for this woman. It is
worn every day and of course the glass enamel can not hold up to daily
abuse. She is willing to deal with this. Sort of like using and
enjoying your fine china rather than keeping it protected but unused
[and enjoyed] in the cabinet. The ring was constructed with protection
of the enamel in mind though.

This ring first came to me with the enamel broken and crushed beyond
recognition. I created a new enamel using a photo and the husband’s
ring as reference. Everything was wonderful until the epoxy did not
hold and the enamel was lost. The epoxy I used did not release from
the setting but the enamel did release from the epoxy. Now this ring
must have some very good karma because a co-worker of the woman found
the enamel outside laying off the edge of the sidewalk. It was

The straight sides of the setting and the slightly curved side of the
enamel will give me a natural wedge that will keep the enamel
mechanically in place. By using epoxy I will have the ability to
remove and repair any future damage to the enamel.

Again, Thanks to all…Orchid Rules!..Karla