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Addendum to "Setting Tools"

To my very interesting folks who wanted copies of my “setting tool
list” and others!. Many of my tools that are laid out on my setters
bench are in a very easy access to the continual day-to-day needs.
Not one tool is out of place, why? If for some reason I am reaching
for that tool, it must be there,…period!!! In an emergency,
nothing as frustrating as a tool, or box of burs,…missing. My past
workshop student made that initial observation and that was "on top"
of her list. As the logo for real estate salespersons…“Location,
Location and Location”. As this is my logo also, “Keep that tool in
one specific location”…:>)…even my Replicable Tools or Gravers,
are put into the same handle for I know what that tool is used
for, “tool with handle” identification…Gerry!