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Add-A-Diamond Bracelet?


I’m a searching for the Add-A-Diamond bracelet for one of my
customers. I’ve been told that the original company has gone out
of business, does anyone know where I can get on a
similar bracelet or any leads at all?



Kasper & Esh make a series of bracelets called add-a-link. I have
no contact for them, but if I come accross it I’ll get
it to you.

Chris Maugham

Try the Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of Amercia (MJSA)
Web site ( We have a ReferralNet search
engine that you can use to find our members. Click on ReferralNet
when you get to the site and it should let you search for diamonds
and bracelets. We have about 1800 members so there’s a good chance
you will find what you’re looking for there. Hope this helps!

Candace Marandola, Associate Editor, AJM Magazine, an MJSA