Adama Ungar's homemade bench in Vermont#2

This is

a better view of the front of my bench. I have been a bench jeweler full time for eight years. I work in Woodstock Vt for N T Ferro jewelers. This is my personal studio bench. Thanks for looking.


OOooooooooooooo ! Bench envy !


Thanks Mary,
my first bench was not picture worthy. I have been looking at all the setups here for a long time. And when I moved I needed a new bench. I have seen may home done benches which gave me my inspiration to make mine. I also need it to be portable so I made it so I could break it down too.

Great bench ( and set-up…).
Sturdy counts. That’s a great top, add the steel sides and you have a combo bench for life, and a bomb shelter…

Nice job on the bench! Looks cool as well as functional. Love the beefy top.
I’m curious about the drawers? Did you make them, if not what were they originally from? Did you add the metal lining to the bottom drawer for the pan?

Hi Mark,
Thanks! I enjoy making things with new and old parts. So the drawers are made from an old thread display drawer set. They are from the mid 1800s, and was in two pieces so I had to rebuild it. The sweeps drawer I added galvanized steel to it. I enjoyed making it, it took longer than buying one but it was a fun project.

Very cool.
Nicely done!