Adama Ungar's homemade bench in Vermont #1

This is my bench, the top is 2 3/4 thick walnut that sits on welded steel legs. The drawers are made from an old thread display box. The bottom drawer is lined with galvanized steel that severs as the sweeps catch tray. This bench top was made from old stair treads given to me by my father in law. Sanding and assembly was done by myself and my father. This was a rewarding project that I hope to use a long time from now.

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There is an interesting three legged vessel at the right side/ front corner of your bench. I am so curious to know what it is! Do tell!


Hi Julie,
Its a small iron cauldron I use to keep bees wax in. I melted a lot of wax in there to use for burrs. The lid keeps out the grit. I like to have things with character in my shop that are useful too.


I love it! I was looking at your photo, thinking that it is so amazing that the design of Dazor lamps have remained unchanged forever…I have a really old one that looks just the same as the new ones…when i realized that your Dazor(?) lamp has a round shade! I have never seen a round shade version before! Antique?


Hi Julie,
That is an old Dazor lamp that I modified. I put a circular work lamp on it attached with a carbon rod. I do love them too, though I wanted to use a led bulb as a work light as I an not fond of florescent lighting. I have seen some older Dazors with round shades they don’t seem to be common.

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