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ACRE Vegas show feedback

How was the ACRE show? How was attendance? Did anyone attend as a

Thanks, Richard Hart

I did it for the first time and am happy. Picked up four new
galleries and reconnected with two old ones. I, hopefully, have
learned that I must do more follow up with galleries as they were
delighted to see me again and wondered where I had gone. ( the old
rule, out of sight - out of mind is really true) I haven’t done a
wholesale show in a number of years.

I would do it again. Also, I live in the Southwest so it is an easy
show to do and less expensive than flying to the east coast with all
my stuff.


Hello Joan ; I also did the ACRE show for the first time, and I
picked up 9 orders, and I’m not really familiar with wholesale only
shows, but I don’t know if I would consider it a successful show for
me, I passed out some info and maybe I could get another order or
two. I didn’t think that there were anywhere near the 2500 buyers
who they say registered, perhaps thats how many pre registered but
much fewer made the trip. It was the classic case of a slow show
where all the venders stand around talking to each other, the booth
next to me left after 2 days, it may turn into a good show in a
couple of years I know it takes a few years to get a show really

Speaking of shows I was thinking of doing the summer rosen show, and
I was advised to wait for the winter show, I really don’t want to
wait that long but on the other hand I really don’t want to do a
dead show I’m sure that I will make expenses plus some new accounts
(I’m assuming because it’s more established than ACRE). But if you
have any experience with the summer rosen let me know.


I thought attendance was very slow. I went last year and attendance
wasn’t any better. With that many artists, the aisles should have
been busier with buyers. In speaking with a number of exhibitors, I
believe orders were few and far between. I don’t believe I’ll go next


I did the Rosen show twice a long time ago. Coming from Arizona, my
costs were very high. I didn’t get any orders perse… and felt
like I ate my shirt and haven’t gone back.

I did the ACC Summer show which is no longer. I picked up The Museum
of Art and Design, the Contemporary Museum of Chicago, and the two
galleries that I reconnect with at the Acre show.

This is the first time since 2003 (?) that I have done a wholesale
show. I know that ACRE is the new kid on the block and building. I
didn’t get the west coast galleries that I was looking for, but I am
thrilled with the galleries that I did talk to. People talked to me
about doing teapot shows, and others ordered work. I look at this as
an ongoing relationship.

I covered my costs and will make some profit just from these orders,
and my expenses were not nearly what it cost for me to do Rosen.
Also, there is a web presence, that hopefully will have orders from
people who saw my work and needed to think about it.

I didn’t expect to make a huge amount at this show, just am
advertising and trying to build my business, so I did better than I

I will do it again.

Hi Frankenstein -

Congratulations on 9 orders! I’m curious as to what kind of jewelry
you make and what your price points are? I make sterling silver
jewelry some set with stones, ranging anywhere from $20-$100+

Thanks in advance,

Hello holly I didn’t really feel that 9 orders was very good but I
guess there were many who did almost nothing. Ther were lots of
great talented people and I really think that the show will get
better, but these growing pain years are tough, mybe we will be
rewarded with great booth loctions?

My price points range from 75-110

have you ever done the summer rosen show? I was warned not to go?


Hey Frankenstein -

I was one of those who got her first (and only) order two hours til
closing on the last day. It was my first wholesale show and also the
first time showing this new line of work (we’ll see how the retail
response is to it this summer). It was a lot of money to shell out
(the show, the booth, the catalogs, the drive to and from, etc.) but
I can’t complain really. Learned a LOT, saw so many beautifully made
objects in one place by friendly talented people, and there was a
terrific response to both my work and my booth from the other artists
if not the buyers.

Maybe my price points were wrong? Maybe I was in the wrong section?
Maybe one line wasn’t enough to hook buyers? Perhaps it really does
take at least 3 wholesale shows til they know who you are and what
you do. I don’t know if I’ll do this show again next year but it was
worth trying and getting on their site for the year. I do know this
won’t be my last wholesale show though.

Finally, a question to all of you who do wholesale, consignment
andshows…do you have different price sets? IE- If I wholesale a
pair of earrings for $20 but have them priced to retail at $50
(x2.5)…how do you manage this? In your wholesale guide do you say
prices are based on a 2.5 increase? Show a suggested retail? What
about sending catalogs and order forms to a gallery that may either
wholesale or consign? Is it ok to have that price incentive to buy
outright or is it in bad form to send both pricing guides along? I’ve
spoken to several galleries and most say they don’t keystone anymore
but generally markup 2.3 - 3 times. I figure 2.5 will cover it. I
don’t plan to sell online myself but I am doing summer shows. I don’t
want to step on anyone’s toes or offend but this issue really
confuses me! It doesn’t make sense for me to give a gallery the same
price to consign as to buy outright. When selling wholesale you
generally have your minimum order…do you have a minimum order to
consign too? Ahhhh! The confusion! Please weigh in with your
experience those of you in the know. Thanks.


I have heard that in general summer wholesale shows are not as good
as winter. I’ve never been to the Rosen show.


Hello Rachel I think I went past your booth, you were towards the
back around row 10 I’m guessing? I was also towards the back but on
the other side of the show by the food.

I can’t give you any kind of advice with expeience attached because
it was my first wholesale only show, but, I think that if you
consider your prices to be a strong point then you should
defineately show them and it should be a big marketing point in your
mailings because it is a huge benefit to the wholesaler to 2.5-3
times thier investment.

Thanks… Frankenstein


I would have one wholesale price list. With your wholesale prices.

Some galleries only do consignment, and that’s fine. You have to
decide whether or not you want to do consignment, and if you want to
do it with them. I’ve had some really bad experiences, I’ve had some
great ones.

I have 3 consignment stores now. One is great, pays like clockwork
easy to work with. The second is okay, I have to remind them every
month to cut me a check- annoying! They changed managers and now they
don’t operate as efficiently as they have in the past. The third is
about to go to small claims court. Can’t get her to call me back.

Before doing consignment with a store, I would ask for references
and call them! Ask what they think, how they pay, at the same time
each month? Any problems with them? How do they like working with
them & would they recommend this account to another artist.

When I do consignment, I add a little to each piece to cover
shipping, special orders, cleaning when it returns to my studio.
It’s nominal- like $3-$5.00 a piece. Some people add a percentage to
each piece. Some just do their regular wholesale price.

One more thing, I don’t like to do consignment with stores that buy
and consign. Unless I’m using them as a way to get rid of some older
stock that’s no longer in my line. If they’re going to buy someone
else’s work, why can’t they buy mine as well? For that reason, I
don’t offer consignment up front. If someone wants to talk about it,
I’m open to a dialogue, but I don’t advertise: You can buy OR borrow
my work. I think it sends a mixed message.

This is all just my personal opinion based on my personal

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge

Hi Amery

Thanks for the input. I am just wondering how to work this because a
gallery I used to work at (back in high school!) wants to carry my
work and have exclusivity but my guess is they are going to want to
consign to begin with and wholesale later if it goes well. I don’t
mind consigning with them but my prices are different for that. I am
going to be coldcalling galleries then sending out my brochures, it
would be worthwhile to ask them then if they wholesale. Right? And
then if they generally consign I can send out the ‘recommended
retail price’ list and if they are interested ask for references
then. Ok, think I’ve got it mostly sorted out!

Thanks again,

Hi Frankenstein-

You couldn’t have missed me, I had the giant turquoise booth :wink: What
kind of jewelry do you do? There were a TON of jewelers there and
everyone of them fantastic. Planning to do the show next year? Good
luck with your upcoming shows.


I think that i will do it again, did you get the survey about
possibly moving the date to coincide with the jck show (possibly)
that might be a good thing, I noticed that you said you weren’t sure
if you would be comming back, I can understand how you feel, if you
didn’t get much business untill the end of the show but you will
have a year to come up with new designs and since you stuck it out at
this crappier show you could probably twist some arms to get a better
location. Many things to think about and some time to do it in but
it will be here before we know it.

Good luck to you…Frankenstein

I am going to be coldcalling galleries then sending out my
brochures, it would be worthwhile to ask them then if they
wholesale. Right? And then if they generally consign I can send out
the 'recommended retail price' list and if they are interested ask
for references then. 

Rachel, totally up to you, but I wouldn’t even ask if they

Most galleries that I contact I assume that they purchase instead of
consign. I would much rather sell then consign. And, I think if they
are consignment only they’ll let you know up front. If they consign
only then I consider based on my current workload & cash flow, where
they are located and probably #1- who else do they have on
consignment? Do they have other designers that are well-known?

Consignment is hard to control especially if you are not local.

can’t get a call back from the store in Jersey that has my items on
consignment. They’ve had them since Dec and I haven’t received a
check yet!

Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge