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Acid etching pewter?


I am looking for about acid etching pewter. If you
have any to share I would be very great full. Thanks

I am looking for about acid etching pewter.  

G’day Amanda; I would imagine that warm nitric acid would etch
pewter, as it is mainly made of tin and lead, with possibly some
antimony. Nitric goes for both tin and lead. However, I think
you’d probably have to keep brushing away at the etch for you
would probably get an insoluble precipitate of tin oxide in it,
formed from the oxidation of tin nitrate.

Very strong acetic acid might even work. Never done anything
with pewter. (except help clean the pewter pots with pure
silver sand in my old man’s pub in England, long, long ago when I
knee high to a grasshopper. (Haven’t grown all that much since)

John Burgess