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Acetylene vs propane with oxygen

ive always used propane for the little torch- anyone care to discuss?

My now deceased wife, Cynthia Thomas, used Propane/Oxy in her studio. SOOOOOOOO much cleaner. One should get the proper tips and all for which ever gas you are using as the mix is rather different. ou can use the same tips but getting the correct ones makes for a better burn and all.

She melted with Oxy/Acyt, bigger setup entirely……

John Dach

I have used Prestolite set ups for 25 years. In an changing over to Oxy/propane because U am tired of not being able to buy acetylene on a Friday night if I run out. Also because I don’t have to transport it to shows. I can leave the tanks and oxygen generator at home and but what I need at Lowe’s when I get to Louisville or where ever.

The re-learning curve is a bit of a trial at times. I have Paige Tips s well as Smith Tips for my Little Torches. The Smith tips are more what I have been used to but the Paige Tips are an amazing product to use. I actually find I use them both.

I don’t know that I find one cleaner than the other.
The acetylene/air torch doesn’t throw big black soot worms through the shop like acetylene/ oxygen does when most people light it up(crack a little O2 into the mix before you light up, problem solved). The propane and oxygen run hotter but with greater adjustment to the heat. The Little torch concentrates heat in a smaller area, some times way too quickly. The Presto torch gives a greater area of heat but is slower to come up to heat. All a matter of discovering preference.

I have no trouble with melts of 1.5 oz with the Little Torch. I haven’t needed to melt more. And I have run the Little Torch exclusively for s month. The holidays are looming so it will be a good test as to which I stay with.

The only equipment advice I would give us to get an oxygen concentrator instead of the bottles from Lowe’s. You will use them up at 5/1 O2 to propane.

Good luck, have fun, send home pictures.

Don Meixner

Natural gas is especially nice…cleaner than propane, cheaper than propane and no cylinders to buy, store or change – never run out of gas! If you forget to close the valve on your torch all the way leaked natural gas rises and dissipates…propane finds the lowest place in the building and pools, say near the pilot light on your hot water heater?

Learn more about the advantages of high pressure natural gas at

Ed Howard

G-TEC Natural Gas Systems

There is a lot in the archives about this topic. Is there anything specifically that you want to discuss?..Rob