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Acetylene Torch

John, Jon ,et al.

I did not offer that advise without due consideration believe me.
There is nothing in your Insurance contract about storing hazardous
materials. Gasoline, cleaning solvents, paint, paint thinner,
fingernail polish etc. If you have a loss because gasoline leaked from
your car, and ignited, you’re covered.

I was an underwriter for one of the largest U.S. Insurance companies,
so I do know a little about what I’m saying. If you have the
coverage, and something is not specifically excluded, then you have
the coverage in case of a loss. If you use a substance or equipment
in a negligent manner, your still covered by your insurance, BUT, they
can then recover from you because of your negligence.

Your hot water tank is probably the most dangerous piece of equipment
you have in your home, not excluding acetylene torches. I’ve seen the
damage a hot water tank can do, ie. knock a house clean off it’s
foundation. Please do take care despite my advise. And that lets me
off the hook.