Acetylene instability

Acetylene is meta stable, that is it takes a outside destabilizing
force to cause it to react. This is caused by the 3 Carbon to Carbon
bonds which are in a bind. H-C (three bent bonds) C-H . This energy
is stored like a bent spring. When Acetylene is burned, either with
Oxygen or Air, more energy is released than by the simple combustion
of the same number of Carbon and Hydrogen atoms . This makes the
temperature of combustion higher and hotter. So Acetylene is a very
efficient fuel.

A test for the presence of Acetylene gas is to make Silver
Acetylede. Funny looking stuff, an orange flocculant (curdled ) .
This is its only use as it is so unstable , a mouse’s footstep will
set off when dry. - From my Organic Chemistry days .

Why use the stuff - For 30 yrs I used it safely with no injury
because I followed the safety rules, and it was the best choice for
the tasks at hand ( Oxy Acetylene cutting and welding ). Now days I
keep it for my Air Acetylene torch. I also still use it with Oxy
Acetylene for cutting and welding ferrous metals. I use Oxy Propane
for most all jewelry work besides silver.

Spend more time practicing safe driving - You will be safer.