Acetylene in the home

I agree with you John. The insurance companies have a funny thing
about trusting the Fire Marshal and not trusting the home owner. If
there is ever a fire in your home ,you can bet that the city in which
you live will send out the Fire Marshal and he/she will determine the
cause of the fire/explosion and report this to your insurance
company. It’s pretty damned hard to fool the Fire Marshal.

If you have a small studio in your home it’s not a great idea to have
to much flamable “anything” in there with you. Most times there will
never be an accident or explosion, but you just never know. I
recently re-entered the wonderful metal world and I turned part of my
basement into my studio about 8 months ago because I had no where
else to work. I researched long and hard about what to use for safety
versus what to use for convienence. I have been using the little
disposable tanks of Propane and Oxygen because it is a small amount
of gas in a very small space and if there was a leak or explosion I
would be better off with the little tanks. YES IT IS A PAIN IN THE
REAR and it is not cost effective but it is much safer for me to have
it this way until I grow out of my basement. I was use to working
with a Natural/Oxy set up before, so I was spoiled. But at least i
don’t risk losing part of my house or myself with the little tanks.
And hey, I live in Berkeley California, where a two bedroom house
with one bath sells for $350,00+!

Andrea Streicher
Striker Studios
Original Sterling Silver and Fused Glass Jewelry