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Acetylene - air, pressure and shutting down


I am new to the forum.

I just bought an air / acetylene torch and wondered what the
regulator pressure should be at. I read anywhere from 3 to 4 or 10
to 11. I will be using tips 00, 0, and 1. Is there a certain pressure
it has to be on depending on # of tip?

Also, when shutting down for the day, what is the best way to get all
pressure out of the hose. I have been turning off the tank, lighting
the torch and letting it burn down until all that is left is a small
flame and pressure is at zero. Do I need to do anything else? I hear
some people shut the tank off and just open the torch to let out the
gas. I have my setup in my basement and have a gas furnace and water
heater and I am afraid if I just let the gas out, it will blow the
house up :slight_smile: I do not have any ventilation down there, a couple
windows, but winter is coming and it will get a bit cold down there
if I leave them open. I am still a bit uneasy with using my torch and
hopefully it will get better. Please give my any help you can so I
don’t blow myself up.


Dear Wendy,

the fuel gas pressure doesnt need to be high on any gas/air or
gas/oxygen pressurised system, the oxygen or air pressure provides
the oomf. When shutting down it is best to turn the air down to a low
amount and then turn off the acetylene. It will go out with a crack
but by doing it this way you dont get the gas burning back down the
pipe. As the gas pressure is low there is no danger from leaving the
hose filled with gas. Turn off the regulator on the cylinder.