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Acet/Prop torch compatability

I recently picked up a used Hoke torch with 4 tips for $25 from
a Jewler supply. I was wondering since it is labeled
Acetylene/Oxy (actually stamped on the torch) should I only use
it with this fuel combo, or is it ok to use it with propane if I
buy the propane/Nat gas tips? Is there any cleaning of hoses/
torch inards that is required for safe operation with either
fuel set up? I know Oxy is very dangerous when used under
pressure on lines that might be contaminated with any flammable
materials. If the hoses and torch were used only with Oxy and
Acet, would there be a reason to clean the lines?

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Cleveland
in just recently, snowy Ellensburg WA


There are two types of gas hose commonly used for torches one

for propane and one for acetylene. Check with your gas supplier
about the difference. If I remember correctly the propane hose
can be used with either gas but the hose that normaly is used
with acetylene will be degraded by propane.


James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601

Jim, I am looking at the latest Harbor Freight Ad. There is a
"Hot Spotter" attachment for a Propane tank, looks like a flame
thrower. Do you know if various tips can be used to control the
flame? I have been in a quandry about this issue. I know I don’t
want oxy/ace, Have purchased a Little Torch, but nothing more
than the tips and hose, no tanks. Thank you, Teresa

Theresa I’ve been using a propane/oxy set up for 10 years, what
are you looking to do? I also know Harbor Frieght well…too
well haha, Have an order in with then as we type !haha If I can
help mail me back

Mary Wheeler

Terrie, Sorry but saw the tip at Harbor Freight and it looks like
it would melt a 12" sphere of lead in 30 seconds. Consolation? The
3 pound dead blow hammer is on sale for $6.49.

Bill in Vista

Have purchased a Little Torch, but nothing more than the tips
and hose, no tanks. 

Most of your local hardware stores carry the tanks, and these
tanks are relatively inexpensive. Did your hose and tips come
with a regulator??? If so, you don’t have to spend much more. I
woudn’t bother with anything that resembles a flame thrower . . .
it may or may not heat your metal enough to get the solder

Mary, Know the feeling well. Who said women don’t go for that
stuff? My favorite stores are Harbor Freight and Home Depot. Are
you using similar tanks for both? What type of hoses? Harbor
Freight ad has a propane tank with hose, I wonder if that hose
can be converted to use tips suitable for fine soldering such as
my Little Torch. thanks, Teresa

Theresa I use a little torch and the hose that it came with on a
regular propane tank from my gas grill(my husband had to buy a
webber!) and a oxy tank from a welding shop. I have had excellant
results for 10 years(they sit by my bench in my studio). It has a
melting tip for melting and the 7 tip for big jobs on silver.
Another good source for tools is Indian Jewelers
Supply-ph-(800)545-6540.or Good prices alittle
wait(they don’t rush and I’m from NY need I say more hahaah). Give
them a try and if I can help with anything else. Mary

Dear James, As I am a torch safety fanatic, I too, was interested
in this “Propane-rated” torch hose. I have both Flash arrestors
and check valves on my torches, and am always interested in any
thing that might add to the safe operation of this system.
However, the cost of the Propane rated hose is almost Three
times that of the regular (i.e., Acetylene-rated) hose. In
nearly ten years of use, my hose has not degraded to any point
that I can tell. I would buy the Propane hose if I noticed any
problems, but none to date have appeared. I figure that if The
price of this hose were reasonable, I’d go for it, but I could
have three hoses for the price of one! As I routinely bleed off
any remaining fuel from Regulator/hose/torch assembly, maybe
that’s why I haven’t noticed any degradation- no propane stays
in the line for any extended period of time. My welding supplier
(although he could obviously make a buck out of the deal) said
that he didn’t see the need for them and wouldn’t recommend my
buying it. I wonder if there is any other info out there about
this topic? Eben