Accounting program

What accounting program would you recommend for me? I am a Judaica
(Jewish ritual items) designer maker, with about 50 store clients, 30
products, one part time employee, and about an order a day.

I am looking for an accounting program that writes invoices, can
calculate shipping costs, and can track basic sales trends (best
clients, best months, best item) Most importantly it must be easy to

I have been recommended QuickBooks and Access. I want to receive as
many opinions as possible before I spend hours transferring all my
into a program.

Thanks in advance,


Laura Cowan
Judaica Designer and Silversmith


Try for your software needs.
Cielo – might come in handy for you as well in tracking the leather
vs gemmy parts of your production.


I’m a QuickBooks pro advisor. I do workshops across the country on
this subject. QuickBooks will not give you much of the info you want
and is only used to track ststs"

I sold 5 units.
I have 4 customers
I made this much profit.

It won’t show you trends fast sellers, or any analysis. I’d use
Jewelry Shopkeeper and it exports data into QuickBooks for

my workshops

David Geller

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Laura, I tried peachtree and ended up giving up and I am an "nerd: of
sorts with the computer, but this program took to long and I want to
design not play with accounting software.

who’s day job is corp collections on major oild companies

I’ve used MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) for 6 years and I absolutely
love it. While I am not sure if the current version has gotten to
where it will calculate shipping costs, there is a place to include
shipping costs in the invoice. My favorite feature is that you can
run payroll and key in the income tax rate from your state and
federal forms yourself. Quickbooks holds you “hostage” in that you
have to buy a tax disc from them every year.

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