Accidental Contact with Mercury -Dental Amalgams

I believe mercury is still used in dental amalgams (an amalgam is a
mercury alloy, I believe.) Because of this, I always get the "white"
fillings, which I think are an ultra-violet curing epoxy or similar
material - Dan

Dan, Let me assure you that 1) the amount of mercury in the new dental
amalgam is very minuscule, and 2) the inside of the tooth is sealed
with copalite varnish and the outside rapidly forms an oxide layer
that effectively seals the tiny amount of residual mercury left in
the amalgam. The ‘scare’ of several years ago was just that a
’scare’. The research data collection methods and the subsequent
analyzation of that data was very questionable to put it mildly.
Dr. Dule, do you have any different or later info?