Accepting Credit Cards at Shows

Greetings All,

I have been using my cell phone to accept credit cards at shows and
elsewhere for over 4 years. Go to for details.

Josh Powell

I’ve been doing shows in Colorado’s mountain resorts for about 12
years and have always accepted credit cards. I thought that a cell
phone would solve my verification problems but when you are on Elk
Avenue in Crested Butte you don’t always get a signal and I don’t
want to be running around outside my booth trying to get one. I
still use a manual imprinter and get a voluntary phone number to
call if there is a problem with the card. I have had only one bad
card transaction and when I informed the show manager after the
show, she and the town constable collared the “trust-fund kid” in a
bar and made him pay up. Rather than a bad card, I usually get a
call from a husband back east in a panic because his wife who is
staying at the resort has maxed out the card and he doesn’t want any
problems from my end.

Dick Sherer