Accent Gold (question for Pam East?)

I just watched Pam East’s video on using Accent Gold. I have some coming this week & am really looking forward to playing with it. In the video she just adds water, which is great. I have the remains of a 24k gold coin I was given (and have been using sparingly), maybe 7 grams left, and wondered - if I file dust from it, would it work the same, or does Accent Gold have a binder to help it cohere? Thank you.

I don’t think you will get any acceptable result using filings of gold. You can easily make the equivalent of accent gold using distilled water, fine gold powder, and a binder. I used to use a variety of fine metal powders as well as gold and soon found that they needed to be ultra fine -far finer (and cleaner!) than could be obtained from a file. They used to be made by precipitation from solution, but nowadays there are various manufacturers who have the facilities for atomising most metals by unrelated processes. I recommend this article which gives hints about suitable binders as well as much else;
Note; de-ionised water won’t do, it has to be distilled water, or you will find that the results may be disappointing.


Thank you.