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Absurd creations!

My dear Orchid readers!

Yves St. Laurent has made a little women’s purse with the help of a
jeweller he knows. It is fashioned as to make the covering look like
actual alligator skin. It is made of solid gold with umpteen carats
of diamonds everywhere on the purse-string and latch…You wanna know
the fixed selling price? Only a few shekels mind-you…how about
$1,360,034.00 (whats the $34.00 for?)

His funny jeweller said to YSL, “Lets make something totally absurd
and see who wants it?”

So far he has sold 3 of these little baubles! He is getting orders
all of the time.

He is making only a few of them and has taken him almost 2 years to
create, design and manufacture. I know that very same feeling.

Moral of this story is to you my dear folks, if it seems absurd and
totally out of reach and on the side of being hilarious. Someone out
there in the e-world will think it’s fantastic. Don’t be hemmed in by
your own taste of reality, be spontaneous! Think ‘out of the box’ of
what is normal!!! But what is normal these days?..:>)