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Abstracta display front covers

I made my Abstracta front covers from long pieces of fabric, which I
simply wrap around the whole set of case units, clipping it on the
top bar and ends with Abstracta shelf clips. The thing that makes my
booth look good is that I hand-painted the fabric in a sort of
Jackson Pollock-like design. I bought a rough muslin called osnaburg
from the fabric store, hemmed it up in long strips to go around
several cases at a time, and laid it out on the garage floor. Then I
twisted a plastic bag and wrapped the twist around a paint roller and
taped it in place. I put one coat of this texture on in a pale grey,
and another in a darker grey. Then I began splattering directly from
a 3" brush, first in black, and then in white. I added a few white
handprints (for “handmade”) and then went and got a long-needled red
pine branch from the yard, dipped it in dusty teal, and slapped the
branch on the fabric. I had a great time! People like it, and I think
it gives my display a nice sort of “art” look instead of a slick,
straight jewelry store look. Another way of putting fabric on
Abstracta, which I may try some day, is to make top and bottom
sleeves in a lightweight fabric which is 3 times longer than the
space to be filled. This gives a shirred look when the sleeves are
slid onto the Abstracta tubes, and eliminates any concern about
wrinkles in the fabric. It will work with the fire-retardent fabrics
which some shows require, and it fills the space really well. Of
course, the sleeves must fit properly. I hope this helps! If you have
as much fun as I did creating my display cloth, you are in for a treat!