Abrasive sheets in bulk

Can anyone recommend a place to purchase abrasive sheets in bulk?
I’m looking for silicon carbide, wet/dry, from 220 to 600 grit in
packages of 50. Thanks very much.

Hello Munya,

A couple of years ago I switched from 3M’s silicon carbide paper to
Norton’s Black Ice which cuts quicker and is more consistent in
finish. I use 220, 600, 1200, and 2000 grits. Find a good selection
and great pricing here: SandWet™ Wet/Dry Tufbak® T461, Blue-Bak T414, Black Ice™ T214/T401

Jeff Herman

yes in answer to your sandpaper question, Beaucut Abrasives,
Passaic, , NJ

You might try here McMaster-Carr

or give the folks at http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep811v a call

I work in mostly bronze casting/sculptures and I get most of my
abrasives, blending discs, cutters and rock drills from A Cut Above.
Great folks to deal with, very large selection of materials, deal
with abrasives and drilling mostly and they are happy to talk to you
and make suggestions. I am not in any was affiliated with eiteher of
these companied, just a happy consumer. Oh yes, and good pricing

john dach

I use Online Industrial Supply. Good prices and service.

Best regards,

MSC Direct has 50 sheet packages of both Silicon Carbide and
Aluminum Oxide:


McMaster also has bulk paper of assorted materials and grades:

Hello Munya On the east coast, Industrial Abrasives co. In Reading
Pa. And Super Grit in Altoona or alentown PA. Just ordered from both
in silicon, similar grits, they have a very large selection, in
grits and materials, prices are good, and in bulk. The one
difference in theb2 are the packing of the shipping box, noticed,
Industrial Abrasives packing is far better. Otherwise they are
similar. and they also have a close out/sale section where industry
has ordered a certain grit in a certain size paper and the left over
is odd so it sells for much less.

I would check Harbor Freight and Eastwood Co.

Cynthia Eid

McMaster Carr is a great source for lots of hardware ‘stuff’.

Hope this helps,
Linda Kaye-Moses

I use a company called Klingspor, on the east coast (U. S.).

They sell sheets of all grit, wet and dry, in bulk and make belts to
order in any grit. Not only that, they have nice phone manners to


Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful and helpful replies about
abrasives. What a wonderful community we have. Thanks to Hanuman and
Ton for bringing us all together. Aren’t we lucky?

Munya Avigail Upin

I’d sure like to find Tri-M-ite 320 (3M) in bulk.

Paf Dvorak


Abrasive sheets aka sandpaper, are an essential in the workshop.

I recently ran out of my abrasive disks, grey wheels, and so went
back to sanding sticks.

Wrapping sand paper around square sticks and tapping on the ends
with paper tape.

I use 800, 1200 and 3000. The 3000 is from Japan I buy it from HOJ.
It does a great job and actually burnishes the metal. I was shown this
by Andrew Pitcairn from Euromount. He is an English trained diamond
mechanic. It is amazing how these “old guys” teach you trade secrets
and gem setting for nothing. Euromount have genuine signet ring
blanks English assay marks etc. The ones in sterling are a joy to make
up and work better than any sterling I have had from Australia. Seems
English sterling for these drop forged blanks is a superior metal.

I have had newbies ask me why I give them trade secrets. I tell them
that you are no competition to me until you have has many years on
the bench as me you can match my quality but you will never work as
fast as me. What takes you 2 hours takes me one.

I used the abrasive disk to clean up bezels and solder joins. Well
would you believe it, the sanding sticks do a better job and are

Today got my order from the House of Jewellery HOJ and in it were
stitched cotton buffs, as the swans down were out of stock. I mounted
the first one and thought here we go it will be snowing in a minute.
Then a eureka moment.

Shoved the end of my shop vac into the buff for about 30 seconds,
yahoo no snow. Also got some nylon flat and steel half round pliers.
Had not got these before as the nylon had the attaching screw on the
inside, WTF? These do not it is on the back and they are way far

I tend to stick with my long time suppliers as last time I was in
Sydney the opposition tool supplier was in the same building as my
gem dealer O’Neils Affiliated. In spite of me carrying bags with the
gem dealers name on the the shop assistants were more interested in
having a chat than taking my money. Also were stocking display busts
that I had just bought for $4 on sale for $13. Went to HOJ spent
hundreds of $$. Also HOJ staff really know their product.

Can’t wait till I win the lottery, I would love to say “I will have
one of everything, please.”

Only problem with HOJ is Selwyn’s mental health, he goes for the
Springboks football team LOL!

I just but from HOJ and Euromount and recommend them because there
is never a problem, unless the Springboks have won LOL.