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Abrasive papers

My favorite abrasive cloths are called 3M micron-graded abrasive finising
sheets. They are wonderful for putting a hand rubbed sheen on almost any
hard, non-porous surface. They look a lot different than other sanding
shhets because they come in pastel colors, but unfortunately they are not
marked on the back for easy grit ID. When I buy them, I stack them in
ascending or descending grit numbers and staple them in a book form,
reinforced with sewing bias tape. They are relly flexible, too, they take
to contours well and you can cut them up and use them in a flex shaft’s
split mandrel. Two suppliers are Metalliferous in NYC (212) 944-0909 and
Rio grande in New Mexico (800) 545-6566.
They are my favorite way to hand- finish enamels, too!
Since they are available in up to 8000 grit, they would be good for that
rolling mill dressing described earlier. Juliet Gamarci